Hello, Moin, and Dia duit, 2018!

New Year, New Nationality! Hello, dear readers! It's 2018, and I have some exciting news... I'm now an Irish citizen! It's taken almost an entire year of organising documents, forms, and family members to try and get this sorted... Let's just say, I'm very pleased to have this process behind me. A bit of background: After the Brexit … Continue reading Hello, Moin, and Dia duit, 2018!


Reflecting on 2017

I took a trip into town today. It was the first chance I had to visit some Christmas Markets - Weihnachtsmärkte - and have a proper German Glühwein. As I wandered around the various markets, bustling full of tourists and locals alike, I realised that it was almost exactly a year since I'd been in almost … Continue reading Reflecting on 2017