Labour Day Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s been a rather interesting weekend. The first one that’s felt like I’m a resident of the city, rather than a transient visitor.

So, what was on the agenda?

Flat Hunting opens some unexpected doors!

As I mentioned in my previous entry – That Expat Feeling – I was on a hunt for a flat!

After spending much of Saturday writing effectively the same email over and over and over again, I got some responses.

In fact, the most enthusiastic response came from a gentleman who was on the look out for someone to speak more English with… and pick up a British accent from!

He was currently renting the room out to some couchsurfers from Belgium, and was taking them to a BBQ by the Alster with some more of the couchsurfing community. So he invited me along.

The weather did not disappoint!

170430 Alster View
The view towards the centre of Hamburg from Alsterwiese Schwanenwik
170430 Mundsburger Brücke.JPG
A view from the Alster of Mundsburger Brücke

When he invited me to this BBQ he also suggested that I might like to join him and his couchsurfers for a sail on the Alster that afternoon! He’s a member of ASV Hamburg which is located right at the top of the Alster.

ASV Hamburg Logo

It was as if the stars had aligned! Of course, I said yes 😀

170430 View South Down the Alster.JPG
A view looking south, down the Alster, from the sailing club

The sailing was good! There was plenty of wind to get the boat – a typical German dinghy called a Conger – leaning over and scaring the passengers who were new to sailing.

It’s rather funny how life works out like this. How searching for a flat led me to finding a fellow sailor, and a potential sailing club… just a day after writing about how much I wanted to get back into some regular sailing!

Bank Holiday Monday

After the excitement of a day of meeting people, sailing, and seeing a potential new home, the Bank Holiday Monday has been rather slow.

All those adult-y things to do: ironing shirts for work, washing and hanging laundry, desperately trying to find a source of milk while all the shops are closed…

I went to see another room – I’m trying to see as many as possible so that I can get a good feeling for what the market has to offer – which was yet another chance to butcher the German language, meet someone interesting, and be asked if I would mind being called upon to help out during an English class!

We get to see this every day
We get to see this every day!

But now, it’s calming down towards bedtime… Back to work tomorrow!


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