That Expat Feeling

I’ve lived in Germany before, in Bielefeld, where I volunteered as a Kindergarten teacher.

So I thought: I’ve got this, I know what I’m doing. And sure, I can get through the day without making a fool of myself – I can buy coffee, food, beer; I can ride the S-Bahn; I can communicate basic needs etc.

However, this is more like my Erasmus exchange than my volunteering in Bielefeld. For one main reason: I moved here on my own.

When I went to Bielefeld, I was living with my then-girlfriend. With that came a ready-made group of friends who I could socialise with. This time around, though I know someone who lives in HH, and others who are in the vicinity, it’s not as easy to meet up with people spontaneously…

Of course, it’s only my second full week in the country! There’s every reason for me not to have a group of people to socialise with! So… what to do about it?

Find a new flat

I’m currently staying on my own in a friend’s place while he studies in Sweden. He’ll be back within a couple of months – so I need to move out anyway.

Therefore, finding a flatshare is a priority – particularly if I can live with some Germans, rather than other Expats. That’s a ready-made group of friends!

WG-Gesucht – The German equivalent of

I’ve already started my search… hopefully it bears fruit!

Join a club

I’d really like to get back into sailing on a semi-regular basis. So, I’m looking into how I might do that.

Hamburg Sailing Club

There’s always the option of joining a gym… but since I hate gyms, it seems like a counter-productive waste of time and money!

Actually go out and socialise

This is something that one feels somewhat apprehensive about. Particularly when one’s not always comfortable in the local language…

Indeed, it’s hard enough when you’re using your own language to simply go out and meet people! I think I will, eventually, pluck up the courage to go out on my own to meet people… but perhaps it will be after a few more German lessons!

Wish me luck!

I hope that a combination of these things will help me grow a bit of a social group… Wish me luck 🙂


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