My First Week

It’s the weekend after my first week in Hamburg as an Aircraft Systems Engineer.

What can I say… I’m loving it! It’s been a big deal to finally be able to be here, doing this. It’s felt like a long time coming too!

The Job

I’m providing consultant engineering services to an Airbus project based at the ZAL (Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung – Centre for applied Aeronautical Research). I will have further work to do at the main Airbus site but, for the moment, I’m focused on coming up to speed with the project at the ZAL, and will move on to dividing my time between two projects later down the line.

The Place

The ZAL is located near the main Airbus site in Finkenwerder, which means I have to commute to work… by boat!

To HH from Finkenwerder
The view towards Hamburg from my ferry stop at work – Rüschpark
The approach to Landungsbrücken at the end of my first day

This has proven to be a bit of a revelation, since the gentle rocking of the boat and slow pace of the commute means that, by the time I arrive at the office, I’m relaxed and ready to perform. That is if you ignore the pace and aggressive nature of their approach and berthing at ferry stops!

The city itself is wonderful. Full of hustle and bustle – exactly what I’m after right now – and commuting through it every day is certainly an interesting experience. The sheer variety of sights and sounds that greet you on your daily commute is astounding; it certainly makes a change from the Bristol bus service!

The Life

I’ve not really got much of one at the moment, but it is early days. After all, there’s so much admin to do when you arrive in a new place – particularly for work! Whether it’s registering as a resident, deciphering health insurance options, or just trying to work out the best deal at the grocery shop, it’s all very different to your way of life in your native country. Of course, this means that there’s much to be learned before one can settle in to a bit more of a social life…

That said, there’s no reason to be overwhelmed with admin all the time. There’s so much to see in Hamburg! So, I’m heading to the Maritime Museum tomorrow to soak up some local history.

The Future

All in all it’s so far, so good. Though it’s early days, I’m really quite happy with life at the moment. I’m relaxed in this city, and don’t think I’ll feel the need to look for the next adventure for a little while yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing what my future in Hamburg brings 🙂



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