The Start of my Last Year

Summer has come to an end and I’m back at University in Southampton to begin my fourth and final year of my education.

It’s been a rather eventful summer which included the trip to Berlin and Prague that I wrote about, but also saw a Summer Placement with Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) and then a trip to the USA which consisted of 6 day in New York City, a life-long dream of mine.

In all honesty, the summer placement and New York trip deserve blog posts of their own. I certainly intend to write about my time in New York. However, this is not the post for waxing lyrical about my adventures abroad. I want to write about University.

New (and not-so-new) Modules

Due to my exchange semester, I’ve been forced into re-sitting a module by the computer system. Luckily, however, I have sweet-talked the University into letting me switch out the repeated module for a language module: German. I talked about my desire to learn German while I was writing in Sweden.

My first German lesson took place today, and I had flash backs to my first Swedish lessons. Only this time, I have had recent experiences of language classes, and will never again be embarrassed by only being able to speak English! It felt like a bit of role-reversal in that sense: when I was learning Swedish, all the other students knew how to behave in a language class and how to get the most out of it; this time I am the one who speaks up and isn’t afraid of getting it wrong the first or second time.

The other modules I’m doing this semester seem to be good choices. I’m yet to start the last of these, but the Flow Control introductory lecture filled me with that enthusiasm for the discipline of Aeronautical Engineering that I’d been missing over the summer. I’m looking forward to feeling the same way when I go to my first Aircraft Propulsion lecture tomorrow.

ESN and my ESN Buddy

When I was in Sweden, I wrote about how the ESN had been so important in helping me feel at home while on my exchange. Though I didn’t really throw myself at it in the last semester of last year, I have made up for that this semester.

I’ve signed up to be an ESN Buddy for a visiting student. I’ve been assigned a Danish student (a new connection from a new country can’t be bad!) and will be meeting him later today. I’m sure we’ll get on, and I really hope I’ll be helpful to him and his exchange friends in the same way that those from ESN Linköping were for me and my friends.

Though I am thrilled to meet and befriend a Dane (first time for everything), I’m also keen to protect the fragile Swedish that I can speak from my first forays into the German language! Therefore, I am going to seek out some Swedes at an ESN white t-shirt social tomorrow. I hope that writing “Kan du Svenska?” on my t-shirt will provoke the desired response! I’ve been reliably informed that we have many Swedes on exchange here in Southampton… here’s hoping!


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