Thoughts after a month back in the UK.

I’ve taken a break from my blog writing to settle in to my life back in the UK. I figured that I should just take a bit of time to readjust before writing what I thought about everything.

My Course

It feels good to be back doing what I want to do! In Sweden, I was forced to choose modules that only vaguely fit with my course here in the UK. So, coming back and doing modules like “Wing Aerodynamics” is a breath of fresh air from “Engineering Materials – Design” and “Introduction to Computational Mechanics”, both of which I found a bit of a drag.

I am also up to my eyeballs with work for my Individual Project. This is also a breath of fresh air, since it is focusing on gas turbine engines, which I have a particular passion for.

I had to accelerate through the gears a little bit to get back into the groove. The education style here in Southampton is a little more fast paced than in Linköping. I feel like I’m still not quite at the right level, but I’ve still got time to get myself sorted out!

My Friends

I was worried about fitting back into my social life here in the UK. I knew it would be fine, but I did have some nagging worry. However, I can safely say that I’m doing absolutely fine in that department. Nothing has really changed since my departure last August, and I’ve really enjoyed catching up with everyone here and finding out what they’ve been up to in my absence.

Being in the pub chatting away with my old mates has been a wonderful experience actually. I feel very lucky to have friends who are genuinely interested in how my exchange was and what I got up to, and who are also genuinely happy to spend time with me again. Hearing “I’ve missed you, Max” never gets old!

My House

I’ve moved in with a couple of friends from SURNU, and all is going well. It’s a nice house, and it always contains nice people. I think that the rest of this year should go smoothly here!

My Country

All of this good news is, of course, comforting to me. I am so pleased that I am happy to be back.

Yet, I must be honest, I do go through hours at a time longing for some of the things I loved about Sweden. I miss quite a lot about my time there.

I miss the language. I miss not being able to understand everything going on around me. Strange, I know, but let me explain: When I sat on a bus in Sweden, I would listen to conversations going on around me and just be able to take in the sound of Swedish (or German, there was a lot of German) and simply appreciate the sounds. Similarly, I could walk through Linköping and take in the sights and sounds, feeling at home while at the same time being a stranger in the foreign land. I really enjoyed that. Here in the UK, I can understand everything. And it’s usually obscene!

I also miss Fika. There is no equivalent here. Though the coffee is better, the pastries are terrible. I would give my right arm for a proper Kanelbulle!

Most of all, I miss my friends. I met some awesome people out there, and I wish I could have brought them with me! I’m in the process of trying to organise for a few of them to come over for a week at some point. I couldn’t bear for my farewell in January to be the last time I saw them!


Overall then, I’d say that I’m happy being back home. I was certainly looking forward to be back here in the last few days in Sweden. I will forever look back on my time in Sweden as a fantastic experience, and I hope I can find the time to go back and stay for a while again!


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