A Belated Happy New Year!

I apologise for my lack of posts this year. I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

NYE Cabin

As I mentioned last year, I went to a cabin in the Swedish countryside for the week spanning New Year’s Eve.

The cabin and its surroundings
The cabin and its surroundings

I rather liked this cabin. No, it wasn’t in the wilds of Lappland, and it wasn’t surrounded by huge amounts of Nordic snow. It was, however, reasonably priced, close enough to the required infrastructure (airport, shops, etc) but far enough away to feel quite isolated. The owner was very supportive and welcoming. If we ever needed some information or a piece of advice, she was always happy to oblige. This was certainly a very good introduction to life in the Swedish countryside. I would highly recommend this place as a good Swedish holiday destination! Being so close to Skavsta, it’s ideal for tourists from abroad (though a hire car is a necessity) For more information, visit: http://www.farmlifeliving.se/

One of our many walks
One of our many walks

I really enjoyed my little holiday. It wasn’t too expensive (when split between 9 of us) and it was good to see a few of my British friends come over and experience that little piece of Sweden with us. Having a fireplace in every room was rather charming, and being able to sit together, with 4 nationalities represented while we played a board game or read a book in front of a warming fire was one of the highlights of my time in Sweden.

Being outside under a blanket of stars to see in 2014 with some really good friends was exactly as I wanted to start a New Year. The sight of all of the fireworks going off along the horizon was quite a sight too!

A view towards the cabin
A view towards the cabin

Back to work

As I sit here, trying to motivate myself to work for my exam next week, I find myself frustrated at the fact that the end of this wonderful few months in Sweden have to end with an exam. It feels like a formality; a tick box requirement.

Looking back on my time in Sweden, I can see that I will be forever changed by my experiences here. Though there have been many ups and downs, and all I can really think about now is just getting this exam over and done with so I can go back to the UK, I know that I will look back on my Erasmus exchange with great fondness. Fondness for the friends I’ve made, the foreign land and culture that I have learned to call home and for the sense of adventure that accompanied almost every aspect of this exchange.

For anyone who has read this far and is in a position to go abroad with their degree course or their work or any other aspect of their life, I urge you to grasp the opportunity with both hands because, for better or worse, you will learn more about the world and your place in it than you ever could by just staying at home.


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