Back to Sweden

It’s been a really wonderful Christmas back in the UK. It was great to see my girlfriend, my parents, my brother and my grandparents as well as a load of old friends over the Christmas break.

All good things must come to an end!

I am writing this, though, as I am getting myself sorted to return to Sweden. I am spending the next week in a cabin near Nyköping with a couple of Germans, a Swede, a Dutchwoman, a few Britons and a Corgi. I’m looking forward to it, and am really interested in seeing how the different personalities and nationalities will interact!

Alas, this means that I have a lot of packing and prepping to do. The main thing is trying to rationalise the amount of things I allow myself to bring back to Sweden to make sure that I don’t need to use the postal service any more than I have to to return my possessions to the UK at the end of my stay in January.

Travel arrangements

Of course, on top of the packing, I must also check-in to my return flight, book a coach to Nyköping and make sure that I am equipped to deal with a week in the Swedish cold.

It goes without saying, then, that I will be packing the onesie that my brother got me for Christmas!


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