I have complained about the lack of cheap places in Linköping. I think I’m spoiled in Southampton, because there is quite a variety of cheap student-y places.

However, though there are lots of cheap places in Southampton, there is nowhere that quite matches the awesomeness of Flamman Pub & Disco here in Sweden!

Pubkväll på Onsdagar

This is the reason that Southampton needs a place like Flamman: every Wednesday, the whole place is given up to what they call “Pubkväll” or “Pub night”. This means that the kitchen is given over to the production of the “Flammanburgare” (Burger and Chips, basically) so that patrons can come, eat and drink while – and this is the clincher – they listen to live Jazz!

Live Jazz! As in, a new band every week. How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, due to the facts of student life, I’ve only treated myself to three evenings there. All of which have been brilliant! The place is always packed on these evenings because there is something about live music that will draw people to the place, whether they’re jazz fans or not. In fact, though I have only treated myself to a few visits, the prices aren’t too bad for Sweden.

If you look hard enough in Southampton, I’m sure it would be possible to find jazz playing on a semi-regular basis. Indeed, I’ve gone to see the Southampton Uni Jazz Band on a number of occasions.

That said, the fact that it’s not the same band every time in Flamman, and that they are all exceptionally good at their craft.

Another obvious plus for a British student is that they serve Guinness. They don’t know how to pour it, which is a shame, but it’s available!

Difference between Swedish and British Students?

Maybe the reason that a place such as Flamman has not yet flourished at my home university is because there is a bit of a difference between the student population.

I happen to be a big fan of jazz and swing music, but I know that there are many more people at home who would turn their nose up at the idea of going to see jazz live and make an evening of it. Yet in Sweden, even students who don’t listen to jazz regularly will give it a go. I think this points to a broader quality of the students I’ve met here in Sweden: they all seem to be more open to new experiences.

University gives students many opportunities to change their ideas and opinions through new experiences and exposure to many different types of people, and I think that more students embrace that here than they do in Britain.

Perhaps then, this is an experience that is unique to Swedish student life. However, I’m going to intensify my efforts to find a similar place in the UK!

More information about Flamman

For my readers in Sweden, more information about Flamman can be found on their website (in Swedish): http://flamman.org/


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