An Interesting Start to the Week

My time in Linköping is drawing rapidly to an end. As a result, I am trying to make sure I enjoy it to its fullest… I feel like I’m succeeding to a certain extent!

Finishing the Swedish Language course

I completed the final hurdle in my Swedish language course yesterday with my speaking exam. I didn’t enjoy this speaking exam as much as I did my first one, but I think it went well and my teacher seemed to be pleased! And so it was with mixed feelings that I ended the A2 course.

On the one hand, I feel quite a sense of achievement because I managed to learn some of a foreign language and not lose interest. On the other, I still feel that I’ve barely scratched the surface. I hope that I can continue to be interested in language, and perhaps become fluent in something other than my mother tongue.

I think that I also felt a great deal of sadness. The Swedish language course was probably the one I most enjoyed. This is partly due to the challenge, and partly due to the fact that I always enjoyed myself in class, but mostly because my peers in those classes were all in a similar position as I am: strangers in a foreign land. This gave us all a sense of camaraderie that I haven’t felt in my other classes.

I will take home some very fond memories of those classes and those who I met in them!

Blogger’s Lunch

Today, I went to lunch with some of the other LiU bloggers. It was nice to actually meet the others, and chat about our experiences within Sweden as well as with the blog itself. It was rather enjoyable! Besides, any student that passes up the opportunity of a free lunch needs to re-think their priorities!

Being the only one of them that is a single semester student, I wish them all the best with their studies in Sweden and I’m going to be reading along when I’m back in the UK.

Lab Work

So, after lunch, I headed to the computer rooms in the engineering building. The peer assessment has come back for the FEM course, and I need to go over a few things.

Since the labs are due in this Friday, I’m keen to get the things finished so that I can concentrate on trying to do what I should be at this time in an exchange: enjoy myself!

Therefore it was to my disbelief that there was not one free computer in the computer rooms. I was even there when the room was meant to be booked for my course and ,yet by the looks of the programs open on most of the computers, most of the students using the machines were not doing the labs from my course!

Though I had quite a good Monday, this has really put a dampener on my Christmas spirit. In fact, this has been a constant annoyance to me here in Sweden, I really dislike that computer access is such a battle! As a result of today’s scrum in the computer rooms, I will either have to go into university tonight or get up to be in University before everyone else tomorrow. I think that this is one of the few things that Southampton seems to have the clear upper hand on, because every computer on campus has the ability to run engineering programs! There is rarely a problem with the availability of machines, and when the rooms are booked for a class, those who are not in the class are asked to leave!

So I find myself finishing this post deciding between a late night or early morning trudge through the snow! Let’s hope that I can find a spot!


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