The Long Nights in Sweden

Varför Sverige? Varför blir du så dyster tidig i eftermiddagar på höst och vinter? #tweetingswedish #gloomy #grimupnorth

— Maxwell Phillips (@Swelly93) October 27, 2013


I tweeted that last weekend in my best Swedish (though, I was informed shortly afterwards that it should be “… dyster tidigt på eftermiddagarna”). It’s getting dark at about 1645 in the afternoon now, and last Monday I cycled to my Swedish class at 1700 in almost total darkness.

All of the other exchange students are saying the same thing: “Isn’t this darkness so depressing!” One of my German friends pointed out to me today that in her country, the nights only start getting longer in December, and even then they only start at 1700. “It’s only November!” She exclaimed.

I was advised before I came here to enjoy Sweden while the sun shines, because come November the Swedes just stay at home. I can’t blame them! Even electric light is better than the gloom, which is why I am seriously considering a trip to IKEA to buy all of their lamps! Coupling the early onset of night with the recent arrival of the grey overcast skies I associate with England puts a dampener on everyone’s spirits!

In addition, the fact that my mind had been worked quite vigourously over the last week with my Optimisation exam and my Aircraft Design Report has resulted in my body succumbing to illness, and I am suffering with a rather nasty cold/flu-y type thing.

Therefore, I am sat writing this having turned down an invitation to go out and celebrate the end of exams and belatedly celebrate Hallowe’en. Not the way I was hoping to kick off my post-exam weekend!


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