A quick visit to Blighty!

In spite of my previous posts about curing homesickness, sometimes I think it’s ok to have a moment of weakness! I’ve taken a trip back to England, I’ll be there from late on Tuesday until Friday of this week (15th – 18th Oct).

The Journey – Linköping to Skavsta

No surprise: I flew Ryanair! They operate out of Stockholm Skavsta, and fly to London Stansted. I was aiming for the 2100 departure.

It’s very easy to get about in Sweden, so much so that I was entirely relaxed about getting the “Flygbussarna” service from Linköping to Skavsta. The last bus works really well to get you to Skavsta in plenty of time to catch the flight.

So, the start of my journey was Lunch at the “Zodiaken – Te och Nudelbar” on campus with a German friend. It was a nice and chilled out way to start the trip. I figured that I might as well feed myself properly before the journey.

Then onto an Östgötrafiken bus to Linköping Resecentrum:



Then a short walk to the Flygbussarna bus stop. The bus left Linköping at 1702, and so began the journey home!


I arrived at the airport on time, as one would imagine with Swedish public transport. The trip, from university to Skavsta (excluding the lunch!) cost me 126 SEK, roughly £12.15. Over a journey of about 110 km.

I’m interested to see whether British transport will disappoint or not! I’m keen to make sure that it doesn’t, otherwise it will be a long wait for the first train in the morning.

Skavsta Airport

My girlfriend came through Skavsta when she came to visit me last month. She said it was small, and she wasn’t kidding.

I’d say it was small, but perfectly formed. After all, when you’re flying budget, you don’t expect any frills. Indeed, I’d go as far as to say that unless Norwegian Air have a better price, Skavsta is probably the best way into the south-east of Sweden by air. Since the transport links by bus are very regular to Stockholm, Linköping and elsewhere in this part of Sweden.

And so, this is where I leave you for this installment of the trip back home: drinking a cup of tea while listening to the tinny sound of Abba being played through speakers at the nearby bar.

Tune in next time for the English installment of the trip home!


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