All I can think to talk about is the weather…

When thinking about the subject of the second blog post of this week, all I could think to talk about is the weather.

Typically English I suppose, but when in doubt the weather seems to be a safe subject!

It’s been beautifully cold this week. Clear blue skies and gorgeous sunshine coupled with temperatures in the high single digits to low teens. Cycling to university at 0800 this morning and looking at the way a low mist smothered the driving range at Linköpings Golfklubb was almost magical! Coupled with the fact that the trees are still leafy, albeit starting to change colour, make Sweden quite a nice place to live at the moment.


This weather has resulted in some unexpected problems… namely, the inadequacy of my clothing! To be clear, I’m not cold when I go outside… not yet, at least. The thing is, having never experienced a northern winter (save Manchester, but 5 degrees of latitude makes quite a difference!), I didn’t really know what I needed to bring in terms of warm clothing. This of course resulted in me bringing many layers, and hoping for the best. I’m still hoping for the best, but since this is still technically autumn, I’m not full of confidence!

I’m also slightly worried about snow. I need to invest in some snow boots, but I really have no idea what the done thing is. I’m tempted to just wait it out until the Swedes start wearing them and work out what the consensus is!

In my confusion, I managed to forget to pack gloves! I had to rectify that pretty quickly, and have bought quite a nice pair. The hat situation is a little more annoying. I intended to pack two hats, my thin beanie and my proper woolly hat. My thinking was that I’d need a less warm hat just for the beginning of winter before switching to my woolly hat. Unfortunately, I only packed my thinner beanie, and Sweden’s autumnal chill has skipped the ‘thin beanie’ stage.

My hat woes get worse, because I keep passing this display cabinet in C-huset containing a Linköpings Universitet hat, among other things such as a satchel, a few mugs and a t-shirt or two. Since I’m keen to bring back many pieces of LiU merchandise, I thought I’d invest in this hat… Thing is: it isn’t clear where we buy these things from. The cabinet is right next to the copying and printing office, but it doesn’t seem to me to be the sort of place from which to buy these things. That being said, I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to just ask there and see what they say!

So, ANY SWEDES AT LiU who can help me with the hat situation are more than welcome to comment!

Not all woes!

Having written all of that, I feel that I can’t possibly finish on a downer, so here’s the up:

The beginning of the design task for Aircraft and Vehicle Design is going well, and the group I’ve found myself in is full of keen and hardworking guys which I’m really pleased about. Indeed, I feel really well motivated to do my bit so as to ensure I don’t let the team down! My weekend is shaping up to be full of aircraft stability calculations, which I actually enjoyed last year (although I did complain a lot about it…).

Since the workload has picked up, I’ve found myself feeling a lot happier in myself. I’m the kind of person who is most happy when he’s busy, and at the moment I am rather busy!


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