First Post as an LiU blogger!


This is the first post that I will publish for LiU as well as here on my personal blog.

So, I thought it best to sum up the story so far, and for my new readers on the LiU website, feel free to drop into my wordpress blog here: The Story So Far…


I arrived here in Linköping on the first of August to partake in the beginners intensive course in Swedish for exchange students. The course was two weeks long, and gave me a basis in the language that has allowed me to communicate basically in Swedish. In practice, this means that I can buy “kaffe och en kanelbulla” or maybe ask for a train ticket.

I enjoyed my language course so much that I’ve chosen to continue learning the language in class and, with the help of some Swedes, hopefully become a little better at conversing in the language on a more casual basis.

My “academic” courses started on the second of September. I am reading Aeronautical Engineering back home, so have chosen to take courses in Optimisation and Aircraft and Vehicle Design for the first half of the semester, and then Introduction to Computational Mechanics and Engineering Materials Design for the second half.

So far, it’s mainly gone well, but I’ll leave my new readers to look back at some of my earlier posts!


It’s not all hard work! Whilst here in Sweden, I’ve visited Stockholm twice, gone to Augustifesten in Norrköping and even been canoeing in one of Sweden’s many lakes. I hope to make it further north towards Norrland or Lappland, and even further south towards Denmark or even Germany.

I’ve met a lot of great new people, and hope that they will – if they haven’t already – become great, life-long friends.

UPDATE: If you wish to head on over to the LiU bloggers, please follow the link: LiU Blogs


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