Augustifesten i Norrköping!

Yesterday (Saturday 17th August) I went to Norrköping with a Belgian exchange student. At this time of year, it is the August festival: an annual event in Norrköping involving a market, amusements and music.

Needless to say, I had an awesome time! I even took some pictures, which is rare for me to bother doing.

The Market

A huge market was placed all the way along Gamla Rådstugugatan. Here you could purchase anything from clothing to “Old English Toffee”. In fact, I was rather surprised by the shear volume of Union Flags. You could buy a Union Flag t-shirt, or bag, or even Union Flag shoes!

I suppose there must be something about the British flag that makes it go well on fashion items…

In any case, it was great to wander around!

Norrköping’s Waterfalls

Norrköping is an old industrial town. The river/canal that runs through it used to be vital for carrying the produce of the factories out of the city to sell. It has since been transformed, along with the old factory buildings, into something rather more magnificent.





They’ve done a magnificent job of making the riverside areas feel alive. The old factory buildings have been maintained and renovated so that they can still be used.

The Music

There was a great range of music on offer. The first taste of the live action was that of a jazz group:


They were pretty good. They varied between English and Swedish vocals, and were a great introduction to what was in store!

A little later on, after we’d had some dinner, we found ourselves in front of the NT stage waiting for something interesting to happen. During the wait we were treated to a band playing a mix of golden oldies. Abba and Status Quo tunes were amongst them!

On to the main event. My broken Swedish managed to understand that they were called The Rock Box (though I could be completely wrong!).


They were great! Mainly playing Queen songs, which made me feel at home, alongside the compulsory Abba tunes. This picture is during their rendition of “Hotel California” by the Eagles. An encore of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was received extremely well!

The Fireworks



Not great pictures, I’ll admit. My phone’s camera isn’t exactly great. I would have taken a film, but I actually wanted to watch them with my eyes rather than via a tiny screen!

The fireworks happened over the river. The second picture shows some floating fireworks, which was particularly cool. They were set to music, which certainly added to the effect. Unfortunately for me, the music was Swedish and so I couldn’t understand the lyrics. That is certainly something I need to work on!

All in all, a very successful trip! I very much enjoyed myself and feel pleased that I have ticked the ‘visit Norrköping’ box.


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